December 11, 2012

poem 452 of a poem a day for 2012

fear, batteries and waiting for daylight

crawl along the floor
until you get to the kitchen
near the back door
off to the right
is the pantry
with built-in cabinetry
immediately to your left
in the top drawer
before a glass cupboard top
there is a wide pull out
full of batteries
small tools and fasteners

the wide plank floor boards
make ominous sounds
when the electricity is out
don’t be alarmed
just keep crawling
the neighbor
is a gun nut
and might have
his solar powered
night vision goggles on
carrying some laser
sighted weaponry
patrolling his side
of the property
even if he does this, only
to make himself feel better
he says it makes up
for an erectile dysfunction
he picked up in the gulf wars
killing makes softies
of us all eventually
I just want everyone
to be scared into loving
or fleeing from me he says

he’s basically harmless
but might peek
in the kitchen window
and see you crawling
keep still if that happens
as he hates surprises
and does not take kindly to strangers
remember, you’re on all fours
to find the batteries
so we can see
what has nested
in the dark
of humanity’s basement
that neither of us
want so much
to be a part of



  1. had me laughing a bit at the neighbor on patrol with his night vision to make up for erectile dysfunction when you slipped in the poignant point there in the end....nice...

  2. Killing makes us all softies.

    That's magnificent. I love the way the poem starts so concretely, but then moves into very impressive metaphors.