December 4, 2012

poem 441 of a poem a day for 2012

third world completion plans in the United States of America

we are obsessed
with the end of the world
we listen to the deep paranoia
the Masonic clamor
we hail the Christian interpretation
of humanity in our laws
we mean to be free of religion
but this new and old testament bible
is used as a wedged lever means
to allocate resources between divine
swords and shields, and a class system
bent on humiliation and submission
don’t tell me institutionalization
does not happen
it is everywhere
in our truncated complicity
in our wells
in our sewers
in every color ribbon
we use to memorialize distance
to pain and a certain blindness
to the domination
of the philosophy of the color white
it is in our throw away masses
our fast food churches
it is why we fill the passing plates
it is because we mean to stave off our guilt
for hoarding more than our fair share
even that word fair, we would dare you
to define it outside of our advantage
for we know if we give just the little bits
of our souls at a time
the holes inside us go unnoticed
for the most part and
we may be able to see ourselves
outside another silent night's fantasy
or we just might
invent our own light
in another part of the dark

hand lantern crawling
I hear all those calling
on the sky to fall
I don’t mind being an outcast
a miscreant
a leper or article
of the past
I only dream in color
of soft virile skin again
this is all part of my plan
seeing the man
seeing Uncle Sam
for what he really is
a scam caricature and portrait
of a pimp logic gone awry
casting spells of good intentions
in constitutional body parts
from prison walls to hospitals trawling
all of you to do the right thing
to die early and often enough
to fully stock every Walled-mart
with internal organs, healthy enough
to be sold to those Dr. Frankensteins
prepping for doom
with their pockets full of gold
and old antibiotics
they hope never to have to use



  1. haha yeah this obsession seems to capture many a person, all those who have don't want to lose so away they go and stock up on something that isn't just going to happen because some dumb calendar or preaching nut says so.

  2. it is because we mean to stave off our guilt
    for hoarding more than our fair share
    even that word fair, we would dare you
    to define it outside of our advantage...dang straight on man...and a hard truth for religeon in general that preaches on this and lives another all together...

  3. Holy smokes! Edward..this is fantastic! poets are firing me right up. So much truth. It is hard to be awake when so many remain content to slumber. A sin that we have to live in a society that fails those who do not meet their requirements for complacency...writes like this serve a purpose...a very important purpose...thank you for sharing your eyes wide open truths....surely a few readers will decide to rise from their slumber because of it.