December 30, 2012

"...demented and sad, but social..." an ode to John Bender

photo by Chris de Veer ©

Sunday morning, instant abdominal pain

new improved design flaws
worth mentioning causes me
to pause at the redundancy factor
of the equatorial holding in of my water
I say muscle control sinew skin
and bones with blood are
chemical electric nervous highways
synapse bridges honing home
the base instinct for survival entrails
high-rises and the surprises of fried grains
in black iron and the smooth see through
liquid treaties of lard, saying life
isn't too hard when you stop
and take a mouth full
of keeping it greasy, so it goes down easy
enough to swallow and ensure tomorrow
remembers today in a bowel movement
and any re-catching of an article 
inside the farmer’s almanac
or some real estate magazine
saying, where picture portholes
narrow your focus and for you to enjoy
much more of the less of this world
that you can afford as you begin
each question as if it were 
the search for why again 
or an old favorite rumination...

what if the wasted parts of words
fall in with the roar carved wind
outside the little window
you sit and look out upon
can you hear what disappears
or is it white noise, running water
and sharp Sun, climbing blind steep angles
against all the soft-skin-diamond-
bundled-sunglasses-steering wheels
saying Edward please, don’t eat
so late, that drunk, again

EJR © 

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