December 24, 2012

a wish for all of you, on this day...

un amore lacrimoso con semi abbandonati, volendo

do you shed tears
do you tear time
do you ground life
from each calendar past
do you swing
chance to chance
twisting thought and missives
into hand to hand combat
of perception and feel

as Winter begins
in the northern forests
and another year ends
with garland in rivers
the wrung weight
of doors ask why  
we have hinges and bells
why we string hollows
and not remember them
in the songs we hum
or whistle perhaps
when we are in the kitchen
readying a cup of tea or coffee
or somewhere aloft
curling our legs under our laps
ready to read a book
with its dust jacket
and dog ears

every portal key 
knows our laugh 
despite never listening

music and art is why
we strive day to day
why we stand for hours
listening to the bare arms
of sentinel trees making off
with the sky in overtures
of scratches and bough creaks  

fire says life is alive
is the hearth nearby
the chirp crackled teapot
steaming in hisses
as we kiss wishes
against the frost
leaned wombs a-listening
we are glistening 
in anticipation
and white veils
for the ways we breathe
when we wail plaintively
for the beauty inside us
to burn bright

when we die for love
when we are willing enough
to have our souls grow
into someone else’s wings
we become the notes
that play beyond the harmonies
we manage to read or write down
in tiny fragmented melodies

in every passage we take
the true north
of our hearts
graces us to where
our eyes and nose have
all the kind pieces
of our humanity
ready to be sewn back
onto deep desire for Spring
ready for roots
for wind and the rain
ready for the other side
of the cry of glass, again


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