December 30, 2012

10 pennies for freaks and carriage fare...

covalent bonding

what will you be
when you are in
an instantaneous
electron valance
empty shell attraction
in a soft warmed part
just beyond the smile
in a pleasant nose
of flowers, bell strung
to mosses seeding the air
with spore-geyser rain
clouding outside
the visible spectrum
a thunder approach
to the physical stairways
of elemental joy
the Comstock lodes
that tell us
to steal everything
a smile can hold

questions find
their way in the dust
to the street, they know
where you will be
when caught, full of wanting
needing electrons too
painting scattered
geometric patterns
on the backs of your eyelids
leaving letters like formulae
in fallen leaves
and the snow
matting equations
fitting them, pressed down
to where you wish
for the animal and
humanity to be

by wind, we are still young
a species dolls, needing a deeper
collective memory, grid analysis
played theremins, ghost wands
waving for saviors, escape artistry
singing chanting
writing painting
dancing cooking
pouring passing
running walking
laughing learning
crawling clawing
quietly asking
where will you be
when you’re the empty space
waiting to be filled too


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