November 30, 2012

poem 435 of a poem a day for 2012

slow-eyed starvation

a species 
at a glance
in a dance
tarred and feathered
who someone is
is irrelevant
in the dark
we lark stoned intent
we bend metal bars
we forge sharp leans
to out-shine
the talking heads
eating lead
faces painted
chinned out
and ready
to be fed
every figment
and exaggeration

electronic etch-a-sketches
set to a never stop functioning
for an endless solar embrace
in nickel-cadmium
solenoid battery shelf-life
see if it smells right
to eat and store tight
cradle to grave danger
holding face-cards
too low
you only understand
how deep loss cuts lies
when bleeding
in the velvet
in the way
the Sun 
tells it
rising above
the capture
and torture
of electricity
made to do
the bidding
of a humanity
that is an
un-tethered madness

into antiquity
is made to key thunder
made to render skies
a pied pipered intent
an effort-ing to bring us
to our knees
seconding fears
with death-squads
in the unseen
black garbed
para-military night
efforts meant
for us to remember
what guard angles
the angel
and the spear
what wound forms
what the sermon
is saying
what moment says
not to look back
into any sort
of motivation
toward walling off

not that we
wouldn't or
couldn't cipher
the siphon
of the piezo-electro
stupidity, mankind
is blessed with
this ore we have
in an infinite amount
is all the reason
we chain the seasons
with Geiger counters
we find perfect desolation
in the safe radiation
the blinding speeds
flat salt beds
give off
when no one
is looking

we deep order
our veins here
depositing piles
of garbage
in the mud
we bury 
ourselves here
a strewn modernity
infinitely dead
wasting time
thinly demanding more


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