November 24, 2012

poem 428 of a poem a day for 2012

no soul no hole no exit wound

we’ll discover each body
sometime near Spring
wind snow and leaves
remained plain clothed
cover gaming cyclical erode
we chose the road traveled
in carving sharp to recess
blessings no mess
we confess to lying down
with the body count

yes, those are
our eyes in the glue
we knew what being
blind could do  
as can you
when you close
your portal gains
and wish beneath
skin to reign
to give allowances
and allocations
to make invocations
and evocations
from the bleeding
frozen and pooled
inside why iron stays
to rust, to show us
how time bleeds too
only a little more
slowly than me
or you

this is why
I don’t wear a watch
or put a catch
on any gate
why I don’t stop
to know
anyone’s reasoning
I question everything
even if you were
to bind me
with your innate truth
intra-cellularly woven
to drive
the clouds away
I would not
believe you

I much prefer
to bleed out
in the dark
drying my eyes
while peeling skin
piling the rusty bits
into shapes
that please me


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