November 10, 2012

poem 418 of a poem a day for 2012

expiration dates in hourglass lullabies

hiding in the dark 
whoring any light that haunts me
I am a hunted volleyed humanity
a slung shoulder species sway
I am walking down the road
to nowhere and everywhere I can
I want to feel special
I want to know each step
each gritty gravel sound
beneath my feet
each amble and bramble
over cracked concrete
between erosion and
toe clung rooted weed culture
the yogurt is rust and
a must to eat
while going crazy or bust
I short walk onto shorter piers
peering in the waves again
appearing storm driven
with the winds lap-lashing 
crumbling fingered shores and
the dotted cottage landscape
waiting the wades
finding me inside
their splinter-pane exits
as the sewers swallow sand
in reversible jacketed dinner affairs
outside where glass used to be
I lean against the rain pelting me
in its cold streams
remnant paper currency
glitter howling all my vacuity 
into a neon filled empty space
of my determinate vanity of ugly
lonely and afraid to be anything otherwise

skeletal steel desire
is the only empire still standing
when the calm returns
reminding me that some houses
are always going to want to be holy
are always going to want another chance
are always going to be crying out for souls
are always going to swim into angry seas for holes
to hide in suction cup verbal meanings
sticking to the insides of memory long after
the instant chew flavor of contemporary, wears off

I keep walking
I savor my illness and 
hairless primate logic
pawning my soul to all fours
cornering down from the trees
I am stringing sanity in little pieces
twisting bread ties where sinew used to be
my bones are a hallowed disregard
a shard-hollow marrow channeling
burps and spit boiled titillates
every pot on the fire
I don't ever want to be late for dinner dear
I suppose not she says
for one never wants to be as hungry as
lady liberty on her knees
she pretends to still defend 
the wretched and the poor
pouring a false literature and pomp 
as everyone's friend
even as there are those of us
that couldn't hold a job if there were one to have
couldn't hold our hearts from corrosion
couldn't hold ourselves to bear a standard
beyond unfit to shrink wrap and sleeve
so please read what's printed on the plastic
and dispose of what packages us
outside ourselves, properly


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