November 2, 2012

poem 413 of a poem a day for 2012

praying at a mirrored moment

give me invisibility
for I do not wish for you
to see me in pain
give my lamentations
wings in the wind
so that my tears
can fall as rain somewhere
that might find purpose
give me something
to dissolve myself into
so that my name
is no longer a reason
to call out loud into a vacuum
give me nourishment
for my soul aches
to be understood
give me hope
for my dark resides
and drawn shades
in the morning
when daylight
is too bright
to hide myself in
give me anything you can
so that my pockets
can be filled with something
besides my empty hands
give me a hug
so that I remember
what it feels like
to be human
give me anything
that makes me forget
what I have become
give me a map
with no lines
give me a compass
without a magnet
give me a watch
that does not tell time
as much as pause it
right here and now
when I need the world
to be a little less frenetic
and a little more stilled
so that I can catch myself
breathing again and
knowing what it is
I might be here for


1 comment:

  1. That (and many others actually) should be put to music! A lot of pain, but so beautifully told, and with just enough of a hopeful tone that many would find comfort in it...