October 31, 2012

poem 411 of a poem a day for 2012

speaking in tongues inside tipple paper sounds at the exchange

 do not be afraid
of a child-like innocence
wearing a death mask
be afraid, be very afraid
when death itself
looks like
your innocence forgotten
and sensitive
to the needs
of the curious child
in every soul
the burning yearn
that lights us all
when the veils thin
and the divide between
mountain and sky
is a simple ambulatory wish
do put candy in a bowl
and love in a dish
and spread seed
and dried leaves
and light candles
and handle
the torch
of any flower
you carry
as hearts do
when purpose
comes to bloom 
to have
to hold
its masks
of us young
and old
and we 
again speak
to all those
who have passed
that we do so miss


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