October 23, 2012

poem 395 of a poem a day for 2012

checking for razor blades in the masticates of my desires

I know in each slow chew
what fills my belly
with hunger enough to sate me
there is a purity in stealing
whether it be light or candy
at Halloween

a car pulls up
two men get out
one stays by the car
while the other approaches me
three or four blocks
from my aunt’s house
in her neighborhood
I went trick or treating in
when I was ten or so

I had insisted on
going back out for more
while not dumping my pillow case
that was already near half full
it was heavy enough
to make me labor
and slow down a bit
as I dragged behind
my older cousin
who was along
for the supervision
dreaming of candy
favorite to least favorite first

she might have been
just a hundred yards
or so ahead of me
and could not see
that one man
punching me
in the stomach
and knocking the wind
out of me, while I silently
reached for help
it was no use as they were
already around the corner
and speeding away
as they tooted the horn
past my cousin
having made off
with my sweet loot

I always think of this
when I feel like
I am getting too greedy
or when I am on fire
and want to attain and ravish
an explanation as to why
I am always willing
to go forward trying
to get too much of something
not so easily carried

sometimes there is too much shine
in the things that are golden
and need a little mud to dull them  
in ambient shadows stretching veils
across the land of rustling leaves
that every tomorrow seeks to know
before the daylight can speak of desolation
and this I see clearly with my eyes closed
and my head hitting the glass window
as I am leaning into another reason why
greed can be an environmental poison
around this time of year


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