October 20, 2012

poem 392 of a poem a day for 2012

photo by Ted Preuss ©

the halcyon speech of Hades and his pomegranate palladium

somewhere between Friday night
and Saturday morning
he says, she repeated on me
her stiletto pierced seeds
were bleeding seams
into each memory of mine
each vignette, each dream
each want that burns my throat
in the smoky grain
of the black and white film

the silence of color
needing direction fits
between the actors on the set
and the pantomime music
of a rolling piano’s
calligraphic words

the scenes change
they indicate
the changing pitch
and tone of the score
peepshow pinhole cameras
hands and arms held tight
he says come ride with me
and lets cut to the chase
and drive destiny

so please, wear the pelts
I dance for you with
Oh Persephone how is it
you are all that I want
under the guise
of my abandoned morality
how is it every time desire
is born in the dark of my soul
with a shadowy rise
you begin to cut out
all the superfluous parts
of the flicker light
on the movie screen
just so you can see my eyes
are locked into yours
as a lover’s might be


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