October 2, 2012

poem 361 of a poem a day for 2012

waking the waves

I spy you
at the foot
of your bed
in the mirror
as I lean in
to make my wishes
crawl toward your body
I am in 
a temple-
worship lean
from my knees
I want to please you
by surprise
as I slowly run
my hands up along
the back of your legs
I am rising 
in the tongued
little moans 
that seem
to be spilling
from your exhales

I asked you
if you wanted breakfast
but I am afraid
I have come to take
some sweet rain first
little runs
little cups
little tastes
all the way inside
the places
where my surrender
resides in the vacant silences
that release my lust
to the clouds
the veils that know
how much
I want
to fall
inside you here
where no beginning
or end is as clear
as each moment
born wet
with this morning
can be


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