October 1, 2012

poem 358 of a poem a day for 2012

the rolling muse
(an idea for a restaurant poem)

private rooms velvet curtained
plasma displays with alpha wave inducing art
being shown interactively 
during the process of ordering
and eating and bartering
the suspension of mundane
for a few hours while dining
outside our sensual normalcy
as a way to get inside
the ecstatic parts
of our humanity

yes....my kind of eatery
she says I like
watching people
enjoying food,
hearing snippets
of conversation
watching how
people taste wine
licking lips,
groans of pleasure

a series of reconditioned rail cars
sideways squeezed together
accordion-linked with couchettes
outfitted with tables from two to four
center gangways for access
with kitchen service area at one end
lobby and bar in the front on the other end
art / consignment shop where take out entrance is
its interior then joins the lobby
a grand piano subway to Rome feel
railway culture and Italian peasant food
wooden paneled insides of rail car
windows are screens
that might show you 
where you are going
by flickered candlelight
with old gas lamp type reproduction
spaghetti western music playing interspersed
with deep blues and rainy urban jazz
a good honest farm to fork chef
with an energetic staff
attentive table service
I could work the front end
in a collaborative effort
turning the wheels
of each meal
saying thank you
for travelling with us
won't you please 
come back


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