September 30, 2012

poem 350 of a poem a day for 2012

upper level low pressure system moving through Troy NY

the sky threw
me this storm
in the late leaning Sun
of a fast
and disappearing
and I wrapped it
into some old socks
and tucked it away
with all that is
to be forgotten
on the last day
of September

swirl thunder graupel
are hail stones saying
we are Winter’s emissaries
and we have come
to taste what green
is left in the trees

roiling billows
the air together
lashing it
to remember
the smells
Spring left behind
against the steep side
of this grand river valley
this old soul collector
this shale and clay repository
of all the things we say
when we still transporting
a smile by water
to rail
to horse
to home

gargoyle dark cake-
layers of clouds
are what makes
the catch net
of Summer’s last Sun
so loud
the perfect backdrop
for reflecting all
that we leave behind
when October comes

closes the gate
in a release-
assures Her footing
and scatters seeds
in front
and underneath
the frost
water, remembers
in glass jars
mirrors and windows
finds things
to carry
safely to
the other side
of open again


1 comment:

  1. As i said earlier, Edward, no one can convey the bite and beauty of change the way you can x