September 29, 2012

poem 348 of a poem a day for 2012

getting into the sin-painted carcass cotton candying of ambulance chasing

it is the only way
some of us remember
to pay to know
the animals we used to be
we listen and long
in the thrill
of observing
when the circus of sirens 
is relentless
outside the window
when it carries on 
throughout the night
with draped lights 
around our carnival ore
and our disappearing 
humanities poured
into every game
we play to be right
three for every dollar
holler if you want to throw
chances away again

automobile accidents
and house fire desperation
the barker hails
clear across the gurneys
and attendants wading
the step right here
hear a near coming clear
into what time I can extract
from you on the way

it smells like you can taste
the disregard of bone
outside these windows
through which a tunnel entry
of emergency beacons
becomes an odd rhythm raising
the flags with matador dare
and fate that says
come grab hold
because I am told
the sirens will be relentless
and staying with you
and your trapeze
throughout this night
without a net waiting
for broken glass
in the tides

I keep closing my eyes
to imagine my places
and paces
from the crawls
to the climbs
and I keep seeing
the mangled bodies
and rusted metals
of our species
raining itself
onto the hot iron core
and screaming
for more pain
in the steam
we must
blame someone
for emptying
our memories
as we are left pocketing
nothing more than paper
when we rise
as an afterthought
in a sip of tea 

I think 
not wanting
to cry
I remember
I am still human  
while other times
I forget
I am just
to be me


1 comment:

  1. You can be no one but yourself, sweet Edward, and I thank the gods for that x