September 10, 2012

poem 318 of a poem a day for 2012

Porphyria in the water glasses on the dinner table

have you seen how wanting
goes about burning mankind
the conversation at the oil drum goes
with many hands warming over it
in the center of this tin shackle town

we have gone so far
as to be tar baby sinners
but we need food for an evolution
or more bullets for a revolution
to put to an end
this eating of ourselves into
a raw white bone set of wings
just don’t say this too loudly
here in America
someone tells me
their voice hidden
in the glow
and crackle symphonies
of wishes laying silently like mouths
with fangs at the ready

this here nation is
the ultimate sublime stick-up
the full monty crime state
laden with policing that must
eat your young whole
or at least have you leverage
them for strung fool’s gold
and a handful of dreams
that still remember that Dawn
is a vine that we sow
where fences used to go


1 comment:

  1. glad I found your blog
    well written, honest, expressive
    just what poetry should be