September 2, 2012

poem 304 of a poem a day for 2012

the poem is a 24 hour mouth

every mind
is a basket of words
at the edge leap
of an abyss
where thoughts
or reactions to them
take refuge for a second
to catch an exhale
and turn them
into spill winged gravity
like dandelion seeds
wading the wind

possibilities are eggs
in a scatter, watching
for the rabbit holes 
no, we say to ourselves
that time emits us all
as far as clocks are concerned
though when we dream
we know all the breathless
places to go to be burned
from its ticking chains

so we might stand
in the rain and
palm the reasons
why we came this way

to fall and call it flying
to damn ourselves
with the ecstasies 
that hurtle us
through another day
with another poem
ready to swan dive
another birth canal
another way into
where everything
worth keeping
is let go of
as if we were words
about to begin
to breathe again


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