August 24, 2012

poem 283 of a poem a day for 2012

peeling hands into gravity

walking on the very tongued
edges of the sea
in ankle deep water with
the tide at night coming in
each successive wave is
washing over me
between the dug toes
of my steps
taking me through
the wet sand
of pressing need
into little knives
that cut me into
so many bleeds
as unseen clocks
have counted
every step
along the way
to where
is a finger
of wind
singing a daily
happy birthday
in my hair
daring me
one step
further than 
any before that
can come between
me and the drawn
down sky
in my palms
on my lips
in my thirst
for more
time to find
what it is
about me
that Love
takes hold of

EJR (c)

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