August 18, 2012

poem 274 of a poem a day for 2012

stealing Goddess time near 2 am

fingers bending
silence folding
itself into light rain
heavy hang leaves
bow their bleed
tipple seeds and
till the air with fantasy
agents of street-corner lingers
turn wheels, clock
without hands
every purpose declared
only to count you

my eyes are closed  
scratching skin
smelling Autumn

we all see the colors
start to run
each one of us feels it
different souls imprint
names in the scent forest
of captivation
silk bindings
thread tie
without wanting
the need to
say seeds
are little prayers
we cast
the elements
with hope
behind curtains
before the glory

find yourself
inside your heart
crawling with a smile
and wanting more
and something
tastes like Heaven
just out of sight
and just under your nose
wings are your dreams
all lined up with water
in a slow gather drip

every series
of humanity
is numbers
in chaos
the algorithms
that are 
kelp sway tides
with horns 
shedding velvet
to let go 
of death
to lick the stamps 
of approval

pine needle blankets
cover me mumbling about the
mushroom march
they come in stolen colors
I say, the ones
we stored for the gasp
the moan
the scream outside of agony
that mirrors our intentions
and draws the line from insanity
into what we’re reading

these words are seeking
a mouth to feed my lust
they say stay potent
be something else
as your bones are a cage
and your eyes can burn
though anything
when they paint caves  
to tell the story
in future tense only

streetlights flicker a
steady stop 
of my manufactured truth
while cricket legs rub
the pour of quiet 
as I keep trying
to find the words

like I do when I want
someone like anyone
who turns to me
with a smile and says
you know 
my nose
sees better 
my eyes 


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