August 7, 2012

poem 263 of a poem a day for 2012

photo by Alessio Delfino (c)

slither morning window art

the first time
I saw a woman masturbate
I thanked all of the Heavens
that ever were to be
remembered in copulation
for reproduction
as I wasn’t needed
for her pleasure
I was 
wanted for it

shine leaf bleed
tipped heavy yellow
August curls April
angles against a backdrop
of slide metal cicadas and
a golden fruited-wheat Sun
climb-chasing the Moon
slipping through morning
into the Western divide
belly crawling with
the faint whispers of night
still clinging to
the undersides of leaves

and all I needed to hear
was her unknown
animal sounds
and the clench-rake
of her free hand’s fingers
across the soft cotton sheets
for me to know to
come hither



  1. great write....i particularly like your viewpoint of not being needed but wanted...ha....nice heat in this...

  2. i have always felt the word masturbate a bit clinical-- but overall this is lyrical, charged-- spot on, so to speak! xxxj