August 6, 2012

poem 260 of a poem a day for 2012

the tremble excitement

when finding or grinding
through crawls
for vines to wines
and all the fruited
knowledge they bring

savor each bite
each word for
the facet ring
each rough to
reddened soles
each yearn ready
to explode
each time

a minstrel fool
with one cup
and a lioness jaw
around his neck
holds two staves
one in each hand
each time it is just you
in the mirror of nightfall
commanding songs
that sound all
the why patterns
of your strive
each time you 
thrive an identity
here, at the
water's edge

in the clouds and
the dust and
the smoke and
the ashes waiting
for rain there is
each one of us
singing a song
that explains
that at the heart
of every story
there is the same glory
that trembles
with an excitement
and all that
one must do is

to be
the richest
soul alive


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