July 30, 2012

poem 254 of a poem a day for 2012

my arrested kingdom of purgatory

the child-like savagery
in my eyes masks
the iron bars that
are on the Sun

outside the window
it is said that cancer
reaches every cellular birth
and that the Earth
is only a waded cesspool now
with too many flags
and too many lies that
fences are built upon

Love tries
to champion
beyond definition
but has failed
when it has come
looking for me

so I sit here
and soak in
every imagined beauty
that has me paused
in the tremble wait
of not quite
good enough for life
but not quite
bad enough for quick death

so I slog
I mud roll
and cling to
the bellies of things
write my poems
as if I were throwing stones
in every direction I can
in order to count
the ripples of cause and effect
to get my kicks now

failure builds great towers
in these modern times
in this world that moves
too fast for me to catch up
so I’ve become the fox
with a dictionary
chasing the sour grapes
not willing to climb a tree
to see something
beyond reason

and I go on
ever searching
for more comfort
to fill a dark
while I slowly
leak a faith
that knows
the sky will
fall down 
someday, full
of ripe crowns
with one that
even fits me



  1. "so I slog
    I mud roll
    and cling to
    the bellies of things"


    1. Gracias, por lo que en gran medida, diosa del viento, e tallador de tiempo...