July 13, 2012

poem 233 of a poem a day for 2012

proclamation, reclamation

if we really want to be
just the skin and bones
of human beings
then let the purity
and the sanctimonious rapture
of our neon captured
capitalism run its course
until it reaches
that static grind cycle
of base pyramid death
to a pinnacled life
but if we want
I mean, really want to have
and to hold
our humanity
with every breath
we must find a common ground

we must thresh our flesh
from our spirits 
from each of our shafts of light
so we can wield these
immutable swords
of free will and Love

then let’s be brave
and let’s grant each other civility
and let’s find a way
to thrive with elegance
as Maya said
because too few of us know
that we are all caged birds
and that we all still sing
for a word that doesn’t ring
any bells without barring someone else
from what their dreams can bring
because I am not sure
if protecting the dollar
is hollering what 
freedom means any more 


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