July 10, 2012

poem 227 of a poem a day for 2012

I am your strega, lover

cascading faded
black to blind
bind myself
to the candle burning
pouring wax certainties
with your name
across my skin
wanting willing
the taste of
my portal surrender
to you
to how you feed
the dance of new antlers
and pulse open
my vulnerable

mapping each
treasured moment
pressed pressing
bowing fingers
unhooking the linear directions
of the slow insurrections
in your tides
I ride faith in laughter
to cask into my madness
to keep my primal chained
to an ancient bone calliope
whistled with blood
and heartbeats
and my flesh threshed
of my soul’s wheat

I am seeding
the wind of
the waning Moon
with the crept courage
to crawl with an itch
to find the right tree
to sidle up against
and lean into
the words coming
like jazz riffs careening
near the teeming oblivions
of Dawn gathering
her hungry bright mouths
to feed on
this rhythm 
that has
always played
in the melodies 
of more


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