July 8, 2012

poem 221 of a poem a day for 2012

nectar part two...
(canvassing the stellar by streetlight)

diesel lurch
Saturday night
another mouth to feed
the days of the week
don’t mean much
as they used to
in America
fast cash
cost average
cast your vote
for big this
for big that
the smallest of things
can become weapon-ized
can become a cell level blade
or at least part of
the sleep cycle interruption
that keeps cages
from being an overt necessity

the salt and sulfur blues
in my blackened faced coal heart
is murmuring the paces
of my freewill in another
chemical reaction
another plasma field
waiting to light my way home
waiting to hit the pause
and button cut a split second decision
a rip torn incision that says
I’d rather fall forever to live
than drown another moment
in the perfect rise of wings
made to take me away
from the gutter warm
sweet burning alive
that is picking berries
on the soles
of those feet
that would rather
not see who they are
stepping on
just to be
another patriotic
painted American
cigar store Indian stand


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