July 7, 2012

poem 219 of a poem a day for 2012

every Universe is a local rise

are we just a bread
that keeps needs
to dig our knees
into a rise
into single-strand longevities
are we in those tender wombs
that hold the holes

could you pass another kiss
near here if you would please
ease me into where you turn
sorrow into the rain
press your fingers
against my lips again
tell me with guile in your eyes
and the fast vines of your hands
that nothing but right now
can be explained with reason
at the helm

and that despite
the raw bones
and clung mud
of my body
I am a luminescent being
I am a curl ferocity of intention
that seeks
the soft underbellies
that life feeds to us
in revolving desire
the ways the Sun
and the Moon are
the orbit wings
that are also searching
for the songs
that every mouth
can sing of
when someone like you
offers them
what you are
offering me
with a spread of
your hidden sweet
to eat
for breakfast


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