July 3, 2012

poem 212 of a poem a day for 2012

sarcastic seer

my derogatory divination
was argued from an ambrosia-fog
a crept mist of forcing myself to forget
normalcy in order to survive
an incremental kill or be killed
a rolling in, predator or pray
you’re not eaten today
a rabbit quick heart
gathering the fleshy boughs
and seeds when I feel
my cracking clay thirst
for the rain again

with its patter rhythm reminding you
that the price for seeing others
is sometimes not being able
to see yourself
you might become too
wired to the subtext
you might only see
that why is a field
of wave energy impulses
with spindle thin metal legs
trying to forge smiles
over the rapid consumption
of your humanity

you might not see
that this raw exposure
can add to the burned-in
parts of your soul
you might not understand
that the body
of Summer is in repose
waiting for you to eat Her
that Her flowers and sills
are spilling purpose
into every bloom
of desire She can find
you might not smell 
the scent-maps of time
She folds into every star 
waiting in line
fork and knife in hand
with a corner store convenient
friendly counter service
intention for more 
sate inside them


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