June 18, 2012

poem 192 of a poem a day for 2012

drinking the gloaming  

I cull the red flashes of the Sun 
I delve into the horizon
as I balance my sins
with magic words for the East
sagging after every cast net
I try to find a way to get
what I want in boiled pots
in cauldrons of molecular Moses
I am a non-repented brain jester
I remain leaping, less heard
weeping into courted chaos
with tragedy drag wicking
my lag nicking rubbed sewn legs
that I’ve tied together with razors to watch
the slow pool rise of thirst and my madness

I am on all fours again
steeping the metal rich scent of my humanity
with a blood thick paint of time
my bones and skin and muscles and organs
are all connected to the chewy bits
and I brush wide and infinitesimally
I part the seas of my desires
to call out a home here
where my thoughts reach for the exits
of my veins to purge my body
of every mouthed oxygen need
there are no payments of salt in the reeds
when I birth neglect in the water
in every underworld I ripen for
I wade the dark for poison 
that will fill my empty spaces
with more words I can keep turning
into appliances
into reliant wings
so I may steal things 
that cannot be manufactured
in the hidden forests of smokestacks
in the walled lands outside of Nod
the wind keeps track of me and
conducts these transposed movements
of mathematics into music
wave principles pull me taut 
string me out over time
as the great knives of infinity crust over
and crackle with desperation

I chime for arms in the last gasps
of Spring this year
will you rise I wonder
in the warm bellow release
through the trees
will you capture the heat
from my body
as I die pouring concrete
to mete another clock
of prime numbers executing
through electrocution, my soul
every finger I cling with
is a millisecond of certainty
that a moment
can pearl dust into
the paths of ashes
and posies
and pockets
for my hands
searching for solace
as I am walking again
in the gleam
of another twilight’s embrace


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