June 14, 2012

poem 188 of a poem a day for 2012

broken phone divinity

I will leave you alone
I hear myself say in prayer
with a voice down there
to watch you empty all
of our ghost sounds
tapping, a-rapping rhythms
on the window panes
as June does too
when they call us insane
here comes the crawling
with teeth, elbows and knees
how do explain that we are
bent into the serpent's gift
for each tongued resolution
that is come up with for our abandon
or is it every beached absolution
we’ve given up our soul’s width for
in the reach of our will
for that which surveys the worn parts
of our hearts we keep home
in each piece of sand
that was once a stone
and can now only command
the memory of our eyes
minding where water
is now fingered land
and time is all angry clouds
wading to find
the tides again
to get back in here
with enough voices clear
of hearing loss
for the operator


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