June 8, 2012

poem 182 of a poem a day for 2012

the stir pot fae song of cosmology

ringing with chronicity  
wave local joints
are eating time
chewing chaos
into fierce vines
the Mawmets sweeten
with the haze of June
shorten the dark to breathless
they bare throat the tide swell raptures
in the cull of let go frenzies
they cup the tender insistence
of what humanity’s thoughts do
squeezing through
the veil magic of night

peddlers along the way
to where the ferrymen know
we will all be coming to
charm the elements
and wait for us to want
at the edge of our every abyss
to deepen us with a hunger
not to know
what comes next

slow build
quiet crept
armies of dew
pierce skinny matter
with ladders to
the Moon and back
strung lanterns
finger pull
the caught water
hiding eyes
in the canopies of trees
the murmur pour of destinies
wait for freewill in the tall grasses
and ancient insect harmonies keep turning
click, click click against the wheel
each glimpse savored
in this full sumptuous ripe
is waiting for us to just dig in
the sin here is not enjoying ourselves

tiny mothers
lace the sharp moment
of every birth
pocket ashes and posies
throw themselves into
the morphic fields
between magnetism
and wanting to fall

the lush tapestry
of every unseen
is always waiting
for Summer
to shimmer hold
radiance and roll
in one gorgeous
belly laugh bloom
as slow petal gravities
swirl in the arms of galaxies

this is where stars
pearl memory
peel ceilings
into cemeteries of
burning light
this is where we
have always craned
our necks and lost
track of space
our place
our picket fences
our cardboard rents
our reams of paper numbers
blood writing our names
in randomly generated
mechanical identity algorithms
this is where
we sing the chorus
of tick tick tocking
of tick tick tocking
clocking why
the desire to rise
roots into every one of us
all the way to where
our molecules give up reason
to have a soul
that doesn’t ever need
to know what time it is



  1. In my humble opinion, this is one of your very best x

    1. Grinning : ^ ) a thanks...and gratitude...