June 4, 2012

poem 177 of a poem a day for 2012

street-walking my salvation

wearing the beats of every man
wearing the heat of every Sun
that burns itself towards my undone
I am at war with everything
that counts my longed desire against me
when I cough spittle-clean my airways
when I climb stairways to Heaven
to panhandle at the gates
where those granted admission
seek the light of their dark
I just smile wishes upon
those inside the bright denial brigade

past the barricades of misunderstanding
past the seeded mortality blooms
I've sown into the decades
of pop cultural white noise
whose musk rubs my bark 
with erasable intent
I have always been meaning to scrub
the rust of the ignorance I done playing with
I have always been meaning to slow slide a siphon
for what blood can do with my penance
when I offer my bare throat
for more ways not
to get in this line here

supermarket body parts
freezer section full of hearts
waiting for the thaws
gnawing at the neon Bible Jesus
that says pray for seizures, Edward
and surrender to the strobe Angels of confusion
you can blame the outside
of the window again
and the same song will play
on the jukebox
on the car stereo
and in the quiet
of your soul
when you empty your mind
to find yourself again


1 comment:

  1. love...'supermarket body parts
    freezer section full of hearts...

    Well actually, I love it all x