June 1, 2012

poem 171 of a poem a day for 2012

what the tanyards say

we’re wearing the screaming and hissing
heavy kissing a lean into all
who could smell them walking near
boiling what we peel to soften our ability
not to smile and be worn
this place takes bodies
strips life from them  
strips purpose in order
to reassign meaning with design
this is why Venus spit burst sin
when She escaped from
these vast vats of did in

what of Her crossing the Sun
telling Spring She’s done
and that Summer is to run
Her fingers in slow fat vines
flat lining the lulls before any storms
can gather a trample focus of hearts
that patter like rain with what
and why spilling an insistence
to be felt in knelt gravity’s dug knees
and pleas are what we roll in the clover for

crept along the broken concrete
walking tomorrow’s hurtled time
we search for new words that can be cut
that can be sewn and shaped into bones
into garments of every mine in our souls

pine pollen sits silted
in the arrays of dew’s last dance
before the Sun had the chance
to slow motion to last in painted light
as every eye needs limbs to crawl blind
for awhile here

in the lush forests of pre-occupation
distraction and magnets weight veins
blood takes iron from the wade forge
and pours itself willingly in the tides
each thirsty reach for shore
tells a little different story of how
we came to be each held breath wishing
to find a hand in dreams again
stirring ever stirring as if orbits
were the ghost echoes of what used to be

as any now can only be felt
as a decoration to be worn
when we begin to walk
to the mountains to find a cliff
to dive from perspective
we know how eager
our rivers tongue-carve words
from sighs and exhales
mineral rich valleys
deep curl with ancient truths
in the rich loam
catching seeds
in every turn of the seasons

we plant in this skin
that knows the wind
helps us all remember
the only thing we ever have
to carry to permanence
is our desire for more  


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  1. To my ear, this one is all sharp staccato. Would love to hear it read aloud x