May 18, 2012

poem 161 of a poem a day for 2012

I starve my soul to find my bones in time

inside my desires
my skin tight pleasures
is all my temporary blindness
while what I seek
goes deep and burrows
into the marrow
maybe tomorrow does know
and is only waiting for today
to sing the key to the cage
hidden in the lair
of clouds and sky
and the grow rapture
vining the surprised why
of feeling something
when someone actually smiles
back at me at a stoplight

music playing
and my head bobbing
to the lifting rhythms
and I am into the far away
flight it often sends me on
but here this person turns
and smiles back
a woman in a pick-up truck
window rolled down
I might have been
a clown to her too
but who knew that a smile
could've gotten through
to tell me despite
the reign of insanity
masquerading as principled morality
there might be a Love
inside all of us
that just needs the right key
as if every one of us
has a song carved
to an innate melody
of what life means
when we let go of everything
just to be an empty vessel
waiting to be filled



  1. As posted on FaceBook! "I like this poet. He follows the way my mind might easily surf around my feelings! You will only like him if your mind drives from the right!"

  2. Love this one Edward, but as I always say, there aren't many of your poems that I dont love x