May 1, 2012

poem 146 of a poem a day for 2012

telling time in the deep ember clocks of the Goddess on Beltane

can capture the instances
of each peeled surrender
in each stanza

I write on her soft belly skin
on the foamy side of clouds in a slate coal sky
intermittent rain, hits the page
inks the stain of my constant insanity
in each stanza

for instance
in this stanza
I jump the fire quick, no candle stick trick
five foot flames Beltane need not explain with a word
what I have come here in a mask for
I undress the best parts of my soul
get my horns out
sharpen them
thrash in the warm mud of arrival
fish-fining prayers in rhythmic chants
over and over
near the fire's home
near the lyre's poem

in this stanza
an hour goes by
staring at the string of time
from crackle spit and pop
dance, don't stop
hands out, crawling the chant again
move the Heavens for me Goddess
let me drink of You
and seed the view here
this is how you cup the old to new again
this is how every cell of mine gets charged
for that taste of a blind begin
that sweet sated surrender
that joy of joined sin
this is how to radiate from within
this is how to know nothing
but wanting more of this

because in another instance
the stanza is all about
how I live to find what You like to be given
how I like to find the hidden spots
painting the dark
between an ease
and the slight squeeze
of way inside Your
warm and waiting
climb to elating Your
dug toes to craned back neck open wide
animal sounds crown the gutters with smiles
hands in frenzy fed grabbing
devouring the guide-wires of stardust leaning
in the smudged ash of our primal decay
because in an instant 
this stanza is all about
how I watch You burn 
every edge of my fine
when I dive right in
and let go as You...

push off my thighs
my hands are like harps
searching for angels
in a starless sky
finding the bend
and drive wheel of your ass
You bell each frequency of mine
push off again
slide back
slow down
squeeze up
push off again
the bow ties are for the candles
the salt tithes are for my lips and tongue
and every language I can sing
that I am undone by Your bliss
and I no longer miss not fitting into this world
when wrapped like this
on nights where a kiss
is an instance 
is another stanza
that seems to want to go
back to pushing
off again
easing the wet onto
the velvet manes

because once again
She says
in every instance
the Goddess is there
inside the God of you
even in this stanza too
in the night of chase and twine
in the tea, in the trees
in the fire, in the rain
in the wind and in the flesh of a poem
in the warm loam feel of every finger I reach for Her with
in gently traced paths of Her salt to palace chamber walls
in held open mouthing the rain kinds of moments
tongue-mining Her personal calculus again
I just follow the strewn maps of Her moans
the insistence of Her hands
as she arches to smell the wind
She carves Her name in the milky haze
in the suckle sprays of a timelessness
that arrests everyone of my senses
so that I may desire
one more second
one more time
one more rhyme
one more time 
please baby please
this is why
I surrender
to You
every line
every cry
every call
to crawl
in Your tides
just to hear
You burn
my name
to here



  1. just be careful of the tender parts when you jump through a 5 foot flame...just saying...have enchanting rhythm to your piece and a bit of magic and madness as well but then again it is beltane...smiles....burn your name...

  2. the hair grows back to where memory bleeds to...thank you for your comments...very much appreciated...Edward

  3. It has rhythm and a sense of magic that lulls you like an incantation wonderful in every sense

  4. Wow! This writhes in sensual imagery. From the opening line it has a poetic urgency never falling into mundane language, keeping the thought elevated while exploring the human experience poetically - from the physical to the spiritual while searching the truth within and the myth without. A true tour de force and major poetic achievement.