April 30, 2012

poem 144 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo32)

the placed stone quiet of words

my path beneath the dead light of stars
always seeks the trees
with leaves that bleed like I do
the pines know to guard the entrance gates
and shepherd the wolves and wombs here
for the four seasons turning time to reap
and emit every now, one at a time
to have and to hold or let go
or linger in or divide into your own forever
this is Love coming to get the poet
this Goddess with bright eyes in a dark world
wanted the 100 % agave tequila, aged
with a choice lager to follow
and as I served Her all I did was stare
at the event horizon where her eyes led me
joy in the suckle twine of being
the core essence for more
that doesn't need explanation
as much as room to roam
the vines of stars willing rebirth
into our eyes every time
we crane our necks and look
at the ribbons of their memory
and how they move as we turn
each little wheel, in Love or not
always dancing where the physical world
wants to leap the abyss in the dark


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