April 19, 2012

poem 135 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo23)

Inside my forested brain

I’ve made myself an iron mask
that mimics flesh
with concerto notebooks
and memories that dig for words
in the trenches 
with the surreal
parts of my senses

I’ll play with the same words
over and over and again
change their forms
their cadence
watch that same soul
look me in the eye
and say go further
than the skin allows
find one moment
to build civilization around
forge-pearl a key
in the same group of words


carve   into me
time    the tides
emit    every burn
blade    every path
bleed    with want
cup    every grace
gravity    wants you
desire    is yours
need    is mine
crawling    etched orbits
warden    my sanity
ward    my fantasy

protect everyone else
eventually the rust will come
for my final molecular bond
pawning silver for the claw
of the wind and
exhale of destination
that is somewhere 
in the many more miles
that lie on the road ahead


1 comment:

  1. dear blind beat poet,

    i've found my ere birth brother, thank you for your profound insight into the inner bree