April 9, 2012

poem 124 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo12)

knelt mirror felt bullets in
(an alchemical Goddess romance)

don’t look for eyes, Edward
just feel the way they’re already
inside waiting the wade

exit wounds are my birthdays cards
time masquerading as scars
the calendrical cylindrical orbit weaves
pitcher birds on plate basket sleeves
catch nested hand clutched stretched
netting holes find more spasticity
than twine to bind the seconds with
every raised fisted primal scream
the wind can take
eases seeds into my dreams
sometimes I remember
sometimes I don't
sometimes I know
that a thought
is meant to die
before any flower
can be born

exit wounds are muted horns
the spawn destinies of letting go
to know nothing is important
to know something can
hold me still 
is time
enough to keep
me spilling

rust cuts me too
slow chimes my view
like the Sun does to vision
near the wobble curves
of seasons turned
perhaps eggs can stand
on their own
without salt
without magic
without bones
that eye the cages
from the get go
from the cracked skin
to my every way in
just so I can play
clean up games
with the blood
from exit wounds again

here the poems veer lyrical
near hysterical versus the rhetorical
questions that pause the tides
each time another line comes to ride
no the rhyme scheme is themed
with splatter patterns leaned
against the peel
against the feel
of someone to love
when my heart beats
a silent comb
memories smooth
jagged jutted jets of
tumble glass into loams
and follow where every smell
leads me to where home
is every place I'm smiling at
and every face I welcome in
with that grace
that words
race to the surface with

trembling courage and cupping sin
leaving iron clawed against the sky
and the pool of blood and lead
from the gold in my eyes
where weather is the constant change
that raises flags whenever I brave
my halos to say hello
or just wave a goodbye
to fork and knife to dine


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