April 3, 2012

poem 116 of a poem a day for 2012 (NaPoWriMo4)

closing the epilogue ticket window  

and every question lingers
like a seed waiting for answers
in cycles of the raining
paint from ceilings
disguised as skies
I only know to come here
when I am thirsty
with just my soul in tow
bagging life with what
my handkerchief catches
strung on a pole
over my shoulder
walking the miles
of ugly stick kingdoms
just to get a glimpse
of the air I want to breathe

stumble in the morning
loosening myself with caffeine
didn’t want to write
as much as act and direct
though I know these are
mere surface wounds
compared to poetry
short stories
little vignettes
of blood-letting
and theatrical absurdity

every scene 
is a cut away
from here
from now
as the prologues
have taken over
and the stage is dark
curtains drawn
with voices
having all
the low reaches
getting high
somehow means
when we screen
ourselves a destination
as politics
and the journey
as the infidel

every saint to sinner
has come for dinner
has come for what we tell 
the empty in the audience
day after night
without saying Love
will make things right

they know
as do we
there are
certain things
we must stay 
hungry with
in order 
to eat destiny



  1. A lot of wonderful word choices and interesting line breaks. Love the idea of eating destiny!

  2. nice great closure on this...yes we must stay hungry in order to meet that destiny....ha i need that coffee first thing as well...to prime the pump...

  3. Love the ending--some very original and creative constructions throughout here that force the mind to loosen up--always a good thing. Esp like "...these are/mere surface wounds/compared to poetry.."

  4. The ending really carves out the space where so much of the explosion of your vision takes shape and finds resonance. Your words really bring home that search for meaning that we poets seek and often must do with less. Excellent work bringing clear the striving to find meaning and sustenance in words and fate.