March 27, 2012

poem 98 of a poem a day for 2012

the mechanical organics of my bad husbandry

what fills
the pollen fields
at twilight's
cut rust bleeding of light
last night at the open mic
someone's poemed
memory glowed
of an old factory fire
that claimed too many 
as part of the hazards
of employment
no this poem is not
of those conditions or
the paper thin renditions of
industrialized humanity
being squeezed
for 5 pence pieces
and their ease at being crowded 
in the crow noised streets
heralding change
from above
and below
the horizons
of seen
and unseen

no this poem is about
letting go as I did
of anything that smelled
of anger or regret
for curling myself in
a sleepy smile
of I like this
I'll see you
in the morning
but I didn't
press save
I only felt
the empty of a poem
that was not there
at Dawn
because I didn't
press save
I only felt
the empty
of the poem
that was not there

my work last night was
all the bones
I had chewed smoothed
to fit with my skin and flesh
stretched tight this morning
threshed with the seeds
that hold a morning
to what this poem was
supposed to be
another bridal veil
to ride for some time
in the elements
that chaos designs
with traced fingered finds
in the parts of me
I want written to be
before she might
loosen herself
upon this world
for everyone
to dance a kiss with all
the parts of her
that sometimes
or not
remind me
of me
and to stay here
in every right now
I can
and not to be
so disappointed
because the blank white screen
and the plain brown paper
unwrapping of today
says you have to
dig more
and explore why
in other ways
and tell yourself
at least 
you remembered
the title



  1. I only felt
    the empty of a poem
    that was not there
    at Dawn.. i much like the feel of's the absence of something that belonged to us so much that it hurts..

  2. Hello Edward... I must say, I LOVE your blog presentation...and I LOVE this write! Lately I've known too many poems that left me abandoned...and even some titles have used and abused me to the point I'm left battered and bruised. To this, yes...I can well relate! Happy OpenLinkNight!

  3. read this earlier...the word verification kept me from being able to post a does not show up on older IE first thought was writing a poem and it being gone by morning which would break my heart having already poured it out...i have tried to recreate a few in my day but it still has stuff missing...