March 16, 2012

poem 83 of a poem a day for 2012

arrest my resurrections 

I would rather die here 
in the houses that detain 
my humanity 
than live without 
one drop of blood in the rain
the pearl of our roots 
scream for more 
and I pour gasoline 
and set fire to my dreams
washing up ancient cambrian seas
that seize the combustible locomotions
that sees the intransient calendars 
of one more day til nowhere comes
and the steady stream of information 
keeps getting closer to 
the Frankenstein moments 
of permanent emotional 
mechanical Edens 

I just want to hang 
in the Elder trees 
East of Nod and West of what 
I am supposed to be
when any voice I hear 
is someone other than mine
and I ignore it sometimes
this doesn't mean I am selfish 
or narcissistic or capable of feelings 
or desires that fit easily inside 
the panacea of hope still left in my chest
though I know Pandora has already had 
one heart transplant and 
is in line for another
playing the odds,rolling her bones 
to get a young one this time 

I watch the spill patterns form 
in the lines of heads down
and I see the vestige people watching 
everyone wading to jump in 
the mirror thin film portals
of what is left before 
the animals come to rest 
as museum pieces  

we kite dreams now 
in the electrical billows 
of our obfuscational theatre tricks
because the closer we get to the truth
the Sun is already sucking us in to burn
the wind and the Moon is leaving 
for a more sinful orbit womb
away from our own abandon 
here at the edge of cradled oblivion 
or whatever we call the progress 
of the hominidal symphony 
what two legs can bring
as I think we know by now 
we should have stayed crawling 
home in the tides


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