March 14, 2012

poem 81 of a poem a day for 2012

yellow acacia

spread desiccation
the layers of daylight 
slow spectrums the sky
as it folds itself 
down to night
as am I 
sitting and 
the bloom fill
of dusk
like I did 
the dawn
at this same table
I was able 
to watch out
this same window 
and smell 
inside what time
does in our accretions
and orbits
and Loves
with all
we stop for 
to sow blinks  
into our dreams
when we do  
find what elliptical
spirographs of breath
are the paths
that bring us here

EJR (c)


  1. I guess proof reading with glasses helps your eyes but not your brain cramps,Edward...

  2. beautiful poem, sir...and coolness points on writing a poem a day... I'd drive myself crazy if I tried that... haha

    1. You are very kind and having read your piece on dVerse I know that the muse sings for you too...write til you can't think and then write what bleeds from have the gift to share...brightest blessings...Edward