March 13, 2012

poem 76 of a poem a day for 2012 ( a Persephone poem)

what Lady Spring wears home

in a slow ride
in a sewn felt rhythm
of Her day
on display
at the kitchen counter
as She linger dances 
in a thought
Her fingers are

slow tracing
a freedom
in fates 
and a bloom
of too ripe
to wait
for a plate

these desires
for Her
in us
are what
burn the tinder
weight of
the long night's
sorrow of Winter
we carry
in ways
without knowing
each moment of joy
we have with Her
is in the notes
of our songs
and are what

we sing
out loud for
and dance to
when no one
is around
as if to say
are the ways
we taste for Love
in every crawl tide
in every womb
we have
in our souls
as every one of us
that smiles through
to Her today
and dances
to wear
the sweet
of every heart
she knows
inside to out
and grows home
to become
another poem 
another Spring
that's here,again

EJR (c)

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