March 7, 2012

poem 71 of a poem a day for 2012 (inspired by the Joy of a Goddess)

Prometheus wades what our souls birth for Persephone    

the wind is the carve of clocks
that rake the sounds
everything will ever make
in passing the rides of
the lamentations and 
elations we strive for
here at the thin veil of
how water wears
the edges of the air
as a crown
before the sea cliffs
beckon a call 
in the gull cries
for more of how
even fate cannot escape
the weaves of gravity
and the placement of knees
before the crawl

everyone becomes
their own ocean
their own currents of
slow molecular driving  
herded electrons
lemming-pool where 
dark dreams lie
in wait for the Dawn

this is why Love  
is the highest tide
outside the eyes
this is why emotion
can last an eternity
because humanity
is in fast need
to bleed free from itself

we try to build ever closer
into permanent Heaven
losing little bits of 
wonder and awe
sensed along the way
with the wind
knowing it has wound 
around this world enough
to catch our hollows
when we fall
and that all
we carry are
the pieces of 
our Divine 
in the ways 
we let go of time
just to feel how
we have been
carved in the wind 
seed to flower

EJR (c)

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