March 6, 2012

poem 68 of a poem a day for 2012

zombies are everywhere

"Lord of The Flies" 
and "Heart of Darkness" 
ringing out their dead 
modern humanity 
losing it's bearings
not understanding 
the need to stay 
almost wild 

despite, convenience 
technology can 
sometimes disconnect us 
we still get lost 
at the mercurial intersects
at each of our moral 
compass' rises and falls

what do magnets do 
for all of civilized thought
when tall bright steel 
and concrete buildings
have torn the skies of trees 
like there used to be 

when the suckle spill of 
the grasslands and 
teeming seas waved
waiting to feed us
with its tidal bleed

now,don't get me wrong 
I like big cities
manic mad paces
the skill of quick 
smiles and guiles 
all in places
that there seems to be 

a resource 
allocational dilemma
whereas we might
not have enough 
at present race 
to keep Eden laced 
with enough Liliths 
and Eves

because truth 
be told 
I would rather die 
I understood 
the need 
to pray 
for balance 
every where 
every day

so that no one 
ever has to crawl 
mile after mile 
across cut glass 
for a Love of flesh 
that smells 
you towards 
every memory
of a Divine
that is unless of course
you want it this way
blood on your palms
and your soles
and your knees
dug in,to stay

EJR (c)

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