March 31, 2012

poem 110 of a poem a day for 2012

the silent frozen articulation of David Koresh

I didn't need
to hear the news
to know that
security based fear
is safety here
and always needs
a bogeyman and
beneath that
it needs to be
fed souls
in order to keep
the machinery moving
greasing with blood
the turning rust of
a million wheels

cogs with movements
so small that you
don't notice them
except when
the conveniences
they provide
are taken away
I thought silently
to myself
or so I had thought
because I must
have said it out loud
as I turned away
from the TV

and even with 
the music
everything else
this lady who
had an easy approach
and very wise eyes
still heard me
as she said
that she heard 
in the dark and
because she also said 
she loved
that Christina Rossetti
fed the rain
I just leaned back
and listened

she spoke
into the night
the band noise
of this bar
in Flagstaff
everything here
was calling us
into shadow play
hopscotch with
magnets in the rocks
refrigerator tourist America
is a dusty birth
out here
in the high desert
she said listen
with your nose
out here
in the low bounces
of an old west
drunken natives
ambling in caricature
in zig-zags
know the divide here
know to embrace it
even with their
near dead limbs
dragging life towards
the warm hands
of a barrel-fire
with another bottle
of hope passed
around to burn
the stars
towards all
we paint
into a Dawn


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