February 26, 2012

poem 57 of a poem a day for 2012

minding abandon

the caked covered skin
of how we feel
slurries memory
peeling the maze layer 
of how we place ourselves 
back in time
we lick the tracks
of our wounds
again and again 
for the salt of sentiment 
is meant to dry tears 
from the bones drawn 
from what pooled desires 
we didn't find
there is no bloom 
more fleeting 
than love sometimes
this marriage knows
as love's let go
where in the wind 
it goes to carve 
who was here
who was near 
the heart of you or
I digging into dark parts 
all the time for sunshine
the parts,you might 
have been willing 
to share without cost  
once before 
but now know 
the cost certainty 
emptying the night sky 
of stars between us
is what every vein
thirsts for now
love sealing doors
shuttering windows
against the light
and the night
waiting to catch
what will run
off how we dug 
for gems only
to find abandon

EJR (c)

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