February 19, 2012

poem 51 of a poem a day for 2012

for sale,get in 

I pause round
the ground edges 
of her meat
dawn spawns 
faster, farther 
smaller with 
the lowest price per 
unit shipped so far
fueled by cabal greed 
of course and packed
in a seal tight jar

no parade 
or floating pink clouds
no homecoming queens
just the pedestal cages 
of life in a marionette-scared 
early social bright so as not 
to be completely hindered 
by any emotional scars
blooming walls to stay alive 
long enough to know thrive 
is flood-gates left open
bled rust to unhinged

why we sing 
for our impermanence 
beyond the alchemy 
of metal and reason
beyond what 
shallow breaths 
we sometimes take
when we suddenly realize
everything is a blade and 
no string attached is safe
freedom to fall where we climb
in the leaned arc of stars 
and our own little Sun's shine
happy to know that when
its core stops burning
for more,we might 
someday come to know
that our time is not 
about optimizing
what comes next  

EJR (c)

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