February 17, 2012

poem 49 of a poem a day for 2012

dreaming to skin fire

the words will come
bleed them
seep them
suckle yourself
with them
with your inspirations
your vines
your tines
dug deep
in the fleshes
of your desires
the windows
thrown open
the sill lean of dew
holding morning's
cradle of night
sin into the glory of you
as a melt again resin woo
we could color the world
with the run-off of dreams
if only we learn
to get out of our own way
though sometimes I think
humanity tends towards
lemmings and wildebeest
sledge-hammering the teems
towards the cliffs
and oblivions anyways
so why not love
with all you got
with everything
you can unload
with all that your heart
has waited to explode

EJR (c)

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