January 7, 2012

poem 7 of a poem a day for 2012

saw-tooth undertow

if someone cuts you 
deep enough to bleed 
past midnight,don't worry 
they're supposed to 
poems will be written 
in the ways gravity wands 
left hand slow and 
right hand silent

or is it 
the way 
we send minions
silent with the weight
gravity sings to us
the arcs of time
the symphonies 
in the sands
in the ways water 
runs time's fingers
through the tides and 
into a purity of embrace
racing with blind love 
sailing against every night
filling with faces we make 
with our eyes in the dark
seeing ourselves 
from the inside out

crows call Dawn
hold up the clouds
Winter thinned between
leaning westward 
preening bones of
every yesterday
found in the same 
old tomorrow
painting Mona Lisa 
after Mona Lisa 
over again
and over again

each patina
digs into the fine
spine of pined-for
love that bends
long grassing time 
memory and wind 
unwinds into anything
that wont coil with love
ready to strike
ready to find
where we enter 
each other
and take hold 
of the tides

EJR (c)

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